Anurag Tiwari Programmer • Web Developer • Python Developer

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Final year ECE student at Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology with a passion for web development and tech consulting. Experienced in software engineering, seeking opportunities in Software Engineering and Web Development. Previous internships at JDMR iSchool Pvt Ltd as a web developer and Pojo Software Pvt Ltd as a content writer. Open to new challenges and eager to contribute my skills in dynamic and innovative projects.


My favorite languages for programming, and Development.


My preferred technologies for front-end web development and component design.


My preferred technologies for back-end web programming and database architecture.


My favorite tools for version control, code editing, and container orchestration.

Featured Projects


Personal Website


I developed and designed a website , hosted on Github Pages, to showcase my web presence, story, work experience, education, projects, and achievements in an interactive and visually-appealing format.

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Tic-Tac game



I created a two-player online game using Django,html,css for design and hosted on GitHub Pages.

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Quiz Web


I created Quiz app using Django,Javascript,Html,Css for design ,where user create quiz and can enjoy it! and hosted on GitHub Pages .

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Valuto: Account Management System


In this project user can download youtube video by using python.This project involve many different libraries like customtkinter,tkinter .

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